How Do You Spell AZARA'S?

The correct spelling of "azara's" is a-z-a-r-a-'-s (əˈzɑːrəz). The apostrophe represents the omission of the letter "i" in the word "Azarias," which is a biblical name derived from the Hebrew name "Azaryahu." The pronunciation of the word follows the English language's standard pronunciation rules, where the letter "a" is pronounced as a neutral vowel /ə/ and the letter "r" is pronounced with a tapped /ɾ/ sound. The proper spelling and correct pronunciation are essential in conveying clear and accurate communication.

Plural form of AZARA'S is AZARA'SS

9 words made out of letters AZARA'S

3 letters

4 letters

5 letters

  • rzasa.


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