How Do You Spell AZHA?

The word "Azha" is a proper noun commonly used in Indian culture. Its spelling is derived from the Hindi language, where it is written as आझा. In IPA phonetic transcription, the word can be represented as /aːʒa/. The first vowel sound is a long 'a' pronounced with an open mouth, followed by the consonant cluster of 'zh' which is a voiced palatal fricative. The final vowel 'a' is also pronounced with an open mouth. Despite its unique spelling, the pronunciation of Azha is quite straightforward once you understand the IPA phonetic transcription.

Common Misspellings for AZHA

  • zzha
  • wzha
  • qzha
  • azhs
  • azhw
  • azhq
  • zazha
  • azzha
  • wazha
  • awzha
  • qazha
  • aqzha
  • axzha
  • azxha
  • aazha
  • azaha
  • azhga
  • azbha
  • aznha
  • azhna

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