How Do You Spell AZURE?

Pronunciation: [ˈaʒə] (IPA)

The word "azure" is pronounced as /əˈʒʊə(r)/, with the stress on the second syllable. It is a unique spelling with roots in both French and Spanish languages. The word refers to a bright blue color, often seen in a clear sky or a calm ocean. Despite its unusual spelling, "azure" is a popular word used in literature and poetry to describe beautiful and serene settings. It is always spelled with a "z" and not an "s" in English.

AZURE Meaning and Definition

Azure is a noun that refers to a vivid blue color often associated with clear skies and bodies of water. It is derived from the Latin word "azurum" and the Arabic word "lāzaward," originally denoting a valuable blue stone called lapis lazuli. The term is primarily used in the context of describing colors in arts, literature, and nature.

In its dictionary definition, azure is often described as a bright, pure, or deep blue shade. It is typically linked with the color of an unclouded, serene sky or the shimmering blue of a vast ocean. Azure is often seen as a calming and tranquil color, evoking a sense of peace, stability, and expansiveness.

The term can also be used metaphorically to describe things that share similarities with the color's qualities. For example, one might refer to someone's azure eyes, using the term to highlight the rich blue shade and possibly conveying a sense of depth and beauty.

In addition to its use as a noun, azure can also be used as an adjective, synonymous with the color blue. It often appears in poetry, literature, and art to depict various shades of blue, providing a vibrant and descriptive language for portraying the beauty of the natural world.

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Etymology of AZURE

The word "azure" derives from the Old French word "azur" which originally came from the late Latin word "azurreum". This Latin term was derived from the Arabic word "lāzaward" or "zāward" which referred to the stone lapis lazuli. This precious, deep blue stone was highly valued and used to create blue pigments. Over time, the word "lazaward" was adopted into various European languages, including French, English, and others, with its meaning eventually expanding to include the color blue itself.

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Plural form of AZURE is AZURES


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