How Do You Spell BALES?

The word "bales" is spelled with the letters b-a-l-e-s, with the stress on the first syllable. The phonetic transcription for "bales" is /beɪlz/. The first sound is the "b" sound, pronounced by pressing the lips together and blowing air out. The second sound is the long "a" sound, pronounced with an open mouth and tongue low in the mouth. The final sound is the "z" sound, produced by vibrating the vocal cords, while airflow is allowed through the vocal tract.

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Conjugate verb Bales


I would bale
we would bale
you would bale
he/she/it would bale
they would bale


I will bale
we will bale
you will bale
he/she/it will bale
they will bale


I will have baled
we will have baled
you will have baled
he/she/it will have baled
they will have baled


I baled
we baled
you baled
he/she/it baled
they baled


I had baled
we had baled
you had baled
he/she/it had baled
they had baled


I bale
we bale
you bale
he/she/it bales
they bale


I have baled
we have baled
you have baled
he/she/it has baled
they have baled
I am baling
we are baling
you are baling
he/she/it is baling
they are baling
I was baling
we were baling
you were baling
he/she/it was baling
they were baling
I will be baling
we will be baling
you will be baling
he/she/it will be baling
they will be baling
I have been baling
we have been baling
you have been baling
he/she/it has been baling
they have been baling
I had been baling
we had been baling
you had been baling
he/she/it had been baling
they had been baling
I will have been baling
we will have been baling
you will have been baling
he/she/it will have been baling
they will have been baling
I would have baled
we would have baled
you would have baled
he/she/it would have baled
they would have baled
I would be baling
we would be baling
you would be baling
he/she/it would be baling
they would be baling
I would have been baling
we would have been baling
you would have been baling
he/she/it would have been baling
they would have been baling


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