How Do You Spell BALLOT?

Pronunciation: [bˈalət] (IPA)

The word "ballot" is spelled B-A-L-L-O-T. The first syllable is pronounced with a short vowel sound like "bæl," and the second syllable is pronounced with a long vowel sound like "loʊ." The double L in the middle of the word functions as a consonant cluster with the T at the end of the word, producing the "lt" sound like "lʌt." The phonetic transcription of "ballot" is /ˈbæl.oʊt/. "Ballot" refers to a process of voting, usually in a private and secret manner.

BALLOT Meaning and Definition

A ballot refers to a voting document or method used to cast votes in an election, referendum, or other decision-making processes. It typically consists of a list of candidates or options accompanied by corresponding spaces or boxes where voters can mark or indicate their choices. Generally, ballots are designed to ensure the privacy and secrecy of the voter's choices.

Ballots can take various forms, including paper ballots, electronic ballots, or absentee ballots. Paper ballots involve physical documents distributed to voters, usually at polling stations, where they are filled out and cast into a collection box or machine that accumulates the votes. Electronic ballots, on the other hand, utilize computer systems to allow voters to input their choices through devices such as touchscreens or keyboards. Absentee ballots are voting forms provided in advance to individuals who cannot physically attend the polling location, often due to distance, illness, or absence from the area.

The word "ballot" also encompasses the action of voting or the procedure by which votes are cast and counted. It entails the act of choosing a preferred candidate or preferred option from the presented choices. Balloting methods can employ various systems, such as first-past-the-post, ranked-choice, or proportional representation systems, among others, depending on the specific electoral rules and the desired outcome of the vote.

In essence, a ballot is a fundamental instrument of democracy that enables individuals to participate in the electoral process and have their voice heard in determining the outcome of elections or deciding on crucial matters in a concise, structured, and fair manner.

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Etymology of BALLOT

The word "ballot" originates from the Italian word "ballotta" or "ballotta di votare", meaning "little ball" or "little ball of voting". This term was used to refer to a small ball or piece of paper used in early voting systems. During voting, individuals would cast their vote by placing a small ball or piece of paper into a container. Over time, the term "ballot" came to encompass the entire process of voting and the collection of votes. The word was adopted into English in the late 16th century.

Idioms with the word BALLOT

  • stuff the ballot box To "stuff the ballot box" is an idiomatic expression that refers to the act of fraudulently manipulating or tampering with votes in an election. It involves secretly adding more votes for a particular candidate or cause, typically by overloading the ballot box with fraudulent ballots.

Similar spelling words for BALLOT

Plural form of BALLOT is BALLOTS

Conjugate verb Ballot


I would have balloted
you would have balloted
he/she/it would have balloted
we would have balloted
they would have balloted
I would have ballot
you would have ballot
he/she/it would have ballot
we would have ballot
they would have ballot


I would have been balloting
you would have been balloting
he/she/it would have been balloting
we would have been balloting
they would have been balloting


I would ballot
you would ballot
he/she/it would ballot
we would ballot
they would ballot


I would be balloting
you would be balloting
he/she/it would be balloting
we would be balloting
they would be balloting


I will ballot
you will ballot
he/she/it will ballot
we will ballot
they will ballot


I will be balloting
you will be balloting
he/she/it will be balloting
we will be balloting
they will be balloting


I will have balloted
you will have balloted
he/she/it will have balloted
we will have balloted
they will have balloted
I will have ballotted
we will have ballotted
you will have ballotted
he/she/it will have ballotted
they will have ballotted


I will have been balloting
you will have been balloting
he/she/it will have been balloting
we will have been balloting
they will have been balloting


you ballot
we let´s ballot


to ballot


I ballotted
we ballotted
you ballotted
he/she/it ballotted
they ballotted


I was balloting
you were balloting
he/she/it was balloting
we were balloting
they were balloting




I had balloted
you had balloted
he/she/it had balloted
we had balloted
they had balloted
I had ballotted
we had ballotted
you had ballotted
he/she/it had ballotted
they had ballotted


I had been balloting
you had been balloting
he/she/it had been balloting
we had been balloting
they had been balloting


I ballot
you ballot
he/she/it ballots
we ballot
they ballot


I am balloting
you are balloting
he/she/it is balloting
we are balloting
they are balloting




I have balloted
you have balloted
he/she/it has balloted
we have balloted
they have balloted
I have ballotted
we have ballotted
you have ballotted
he/she/it has ballotted
they have ballotted


I have been balloting
you have been balloting
he/she/it has been balloting
we have been balloting
they have been balloting


he/she/it ballot


I balloted
you balloted
he/she/it balloted
we balloted
they balloted
I am ballotting
we are ballotting
you are ballotting
he/she/it is ballotting
they are ballotting
I was ballotting
we were ballotting
you were ballotting
he/she/it was ballotting
they were ballotting
I will be ballotting
we will be ballotting
you will be ballotting
he/she/it will be ballotting
they will be ballotting
I have been ballotting
we have been ballotting
you have been ballotting
he/she/it has been ballotting
they have been ballotting
I had been ballotting
we had been ballotting
you had been ballotting
he/she/it had been ballotting
they had been ballotting
I will have been ballotting
we will have been ballotting
you will have been ballotting
he/she/it will have been ballotting
they will have been ballotting
I would have ballotted
we would have ballotted
you would have ballotted
he/she/it would have ballotted
they would have ballotted
I would be ballotting
we would be ballotting
you would be ballotting
he/she/it would be ballotting
they would be ballotting
I would have been ballotting
we would have been ballotting
you would have been ballotting
he/she/it would have been ballotting
they would have been ballotting


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