How Do You Spell BARES?

The spelling of the word "bares" is often confusing to English learners. IPA phonetic transcription can help to understand its spelling. The word "bares" is pronounced as /beərz/ in IPA. The letter "a" is pronounced as /eə/ in English, which sounds similar to "air". The letter "r" is pronounced as /r/, which is a rolled sound. The letter "s" is pronounced as /z/ when it's at the end of the word, as it is in "bares." This helps explain why the word is spelled with an "e" instead of an "a.".

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Conjugate verb Bares


I would bare
we would bare
you would bare
he/she/it would bare
they would bare


I will bare
we will bare
you will bare
he/she/it will bare
they will bare


I will have bared
we will have bared
you will have bared
he/she/it will have bared
they will have bared


I bared
we bared
you bared
he/she/it bared
they bared


I had bared
we had bared
you had bared
he/she/it had bared
they had bared


I bare
we bare
you bare
he/she/it bares
they bare


I have bared
we have bared
you have bared
he/she/it has bared
they have bared
I am baring
we are baring
you are baring
he/she/it is baring
they are baring
I was baring
we were baring
you were baring
he/she/it was baring
they were baring
I will be baring
we will be baring
you will be baring
he/she/it will be baring
they will be baring
I have been baring
we have been baring
you have been baring
he/she/it has been baring
they have been baring
I had been baring
we had been baring
you had been baring
he/she/it had been baring
they had been baring
I will have been baring
we will have been baring
you will have been baring
he/she/it will have been baring
they will have been baring
I would have bared
we would have bared
you would have bared
he/she/it would have bared
they would have bared
I would be baring
we would be baring
you would be baring
he/she/it would be baring
they would be baring
I would have been baring
we would have been baring
you would have been baring
he/she/it would have been baring
they would have been baring


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