How Do You Spell BARGES?

Correct spelling for the English word "barges" is [bˈɑːd͡ʒɪz], [bˈɑːd‍ʒɪz], [b_ˈɑː_dʒ_ɪ_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for BARGES

Below is the list of 134 misspellings for the word "barges".

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Anagrams of BARGES

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Usage Examples for BARGES

  1. Coal barges will be loaded at the mines and dropped down stream to the nearest railroad point. - "The River and I" by John G. Neihardt
  2. It was almost six o'clock and one of Hoskins' barges was to leave Main Hall at half- past with the members of the second team, for this was the evening of the banquet in the village. - "Left End Edwards" by Ralph Henry Barbour

Conjugate verb Barges


I would barge
we would barge
you would barge
he/she/it would barge
they would barge


I will barge
we will barge
you will barge
he/she/it will barge
they will barge


I will have barged
we will have barged
you will have barged
he/she/it will have barged
they will have barged


I barged
we barged
you barged
he/she/it barged
they barged


I had barged
we had barged
you had barged
he/she/it had barged
they had barged


I barge
we barge
you barge
he/she/it barges
they barge


I have barged
we have barged
you have barged
he/she/it has barged
they have barged
I am barging
we are barging
you are barging
he/she/it is barging
they are barging
I was barging
we were barging
you were barging
he/she/it was barging
they were barging
I will be barging
we will be barging
you will be barging
he/she/it will be barging
they will be barging
I have been barging
we have been barging
you have been barging
he/she/it has been barging
they have been barging
I had been barging
we had been barging
you had been barging
he/she/it had been barging
they had been barging
I will have been barging
we will have been barging
you will have been barging
he/she/it will have been barging
they will have been barging
I would have barged
we would have barged
you would have barged
he/she/it would have barged
they would have barged
I would be barging
we would be barging
you would be barging
he/she/it would be barging
they would be barging
I would have been barging
we would have been barging
you would have been barging
he/she/it would have been barging
they would have been barging