How Do You Spell BARI?

The word "bari" is commonly spelled with four letters in the English language. Its pronunciation is represented by the IPA phonetic transcription as "bɑːrɪ". The first letter "b" indicates a voiced bilabial plosive sound produced by closing the lips and creating a build-up of air in the mouth. The following letters "a" and "r" represent the vowel and consonant sound respectively. The last letter "i" has a short vowel sound and is pronounced as "ɪ". Overall, the word "bari" is pronounced ba-ri with stress on the first syllable.

Common Misspellings for BARI

  • hbari
  • bari8
  • abri
  • bbari
  • baari
  • barri
  • barii
  • bari
  • rari
  • jari
  • biri
  • beri
  • bcri
  • ba2i
  • bavi
  • b ari
  • ba ri
  • bar i

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