How Do You Spell BASE?

Pronunciation: [bˈe͡ɪs] (IPA)

The word "base" is spelled with the IPA phonetic transcription /beɪs/. The first sound, /b/, is a voiced bilabial stop, which means that you use your lips to form a complete closure and release a burst of air when pronouncing it. The second sound, /eɪ/, is a diphthong, which means it's two vowel sounds blended together – in this case, an open-mid front unrounded vowel followed by a close-mid front unrounded vowel. The final sound, /s/, is an unvoiced alveolar fricative that's pronounced by forcing air through a narrow gap between your tongue and your teeth.

BASE Meaning and Definition

  1. Base can be defined as a fundamental, supporting, or essential part of something. It is the foundation upon which a structure or system is built. In the context of physical objects, base refers to the bottom or lowest part that provides stability and support.

    In mathematics, base is a numerical system that determines the number of unique digits used to represent numbers. Common bases include the decimal system (base 10), binary system (base 2), and hexadecimal system (base 16). The base determines the value of each digit in a number.

    In chemistry, a base is a substance that accepts or donates electrons, and is capable of reacting with an acid to form a salt and water. Bases are characterized by a pH greater than 7 and can range from weak to strong depending on their ability to dissociate in water.

    In military terms, a base is a secured area or installation used by armed forces for training, operations, or storage of supplies and equipment. Bases can refer to permanent structures or temporary camps depending on the military's needs.

    In general usage, base can also refer to the starting point or fundamental principle upon which something is built or developed. It can describe the underlying principles, values, or beliefs that form the basis of an idea or action.

    Overall, base encompasses a range of meanings depending on the context, including foundation, numerical system, chemical substance, military installation, and fundamental principle.

  2. 1. The lower part or bottom; the part opposite the apex. 2. In pharmacy, the chief ingredient of a compound. 3. In chemistry an electropositive element or radical which unites with an acid to form a salt; a compound of hydroxyl which neutralizes an acid, taking the place in it of the hydrogen component, thereby forming a salt. 4. The support for the teeth in an artificial denture.

    A practical medical dictionary. By Stedman, Thomas Lathrop. Published 1920.

  3. • Mean; worthless; of low station; deep; grave.
    • The bottom; the foundation; the foot; the support; the principal ingredient in a compound body; the low or grave parts in music.
    • To found or establish on a base.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of BASE

The word "base" has a diverse etymology, originating from several different sources:

1. Latin: The Latin word "basis" means "foundation", which is derived from the Greek word "básis". This Latin origin gave rise to the sense of "a supporting or foundation part".

2. French: The Old French word "bas" means low or bottom. This meaning evolved into the concept of the "lowest part" or "foundation" of something.

3. Germanic: The Old English word "bæs" or "bærs" is related to the Old Norse word "bas", both of which mean "short" or "of little stature". This Germanic origin contributed to the sense of "low" or "inferior" when referring to something morally or intellectually.

Idioms with the word BASE

  • touch base The idiom "touch base" means to make contact or meet briefly with someone, typically to exchange information or maintain communication. It originated from baseball, where a runner must touch the base to be considered safe. In a broader sense, "touch base" signifies a quick and casual communication to stay connected or update someone.
  • off base The idiom "off base" means to be incorrect, mistaken, or misguided in one's thinking or understanding. It refers to someone or something that is not accurate or does not correspond with the truth or reality.
  • base sth (up)on sm or sth The idiom "base something (up)on someone or something" means to establish or build something on a particular person, object, or concept as a foundation or starting point. It signifies using someone or something as a reference or source of inspiration for creating or developing something new.
  • on base The idiom "on base" typically refers to a person who is in a position of advantage or has achieved a certain level of success or progress towards a goal. In a broader sense, it can also mean being in a favorable or advantageous situation. The term originates from the game of baseball, where a player's objective is to reach the various bases and ultimately score a run.
  • install(ed) base The idiom "install(ed) base" refers to the total number of units or users of a particular product, service, or technology that have been successfully installed or implemented in a specific period or location. It indicates the existing customers or clients who are actively utilizing a certain product or technology. It is typically used in business settings to measure the market penetration or customer base of a company or to assess the user adoption of a particular software or hardware.
  • install(ed) user base The idiom "install(ed) user base" refers to the number of users or customers who have successfully adopted, installed, or are actively using a specific product, service, or software. It represents the existing or established customer base of a particular company or product.
  • user base The idiom "user base" refers to the group of individuals or customers who regularly use a particular product, service, or platform. It specifically represents the collective number of active users or customers that a company, organization, or technology has acquired or retained. The user base is often a crucial metric for businesses, as it determines the scale, reach, and potential success of their offerings.
  • base (up)on The idiom "base (up)on" means to use something as a foundation or reference point for making decisions, forming opinions, or creating something new. It implies relying on a particular thing or source to establish the starting point or underlying principle for a specific action, concept, or belief.
  • base in The idiom "base in" typically refers to establishing a physical or strategic headquarters or operation in a particular location. It means to set up a central or primary base from which an organization, military force, or individual can conduct operations, coordinate activities, or launch initiatives. It implies a sense of stability, permanence, and organizational strength in the chosen location.
  • base on The idiom "base on" means to use as a foundation, justification, or reference point. It refers to building or relying upon something, typically information or data, to form opinions, make decisions, or create a framework for a particular action or belief.
  • way off (base) The idiomatic expression "way off (base)" means to be completely wrong or mistaken in one's thinking, understanding, or judgment. It implies that the person's viewpoint or belief is significantly divergent from reality or the truth. It often suggests a considerable distance or discrepancy between one's assertion and the actual facts or situation.
  • get to/reach first base The idiom "get to/reach first base" typically refers to making initial progress or achieving a basic level of success in a particular task, project, or relationship. It originates from the game of baseball, where a runner must reach first base in order to continue advancing to subsequent bases. In the idiom, reaching first base often implies overcoming the initial hurdles or challenges to move forward towards a desired goal.
  • steal a base The expression "steal a base" is an idiom used in baseball to describe the act of a baserunner attempting to advance to the next base while the pitcher is delivering the ball to the batter. It signifies the baserunner's attempt to move surreptitiously and quickly, in order to gain an advantage by reaching the next base before the opposing team can catch them or make a successful play.
  • touch base with The idiom "touch base with" means to make contact or communicate briefly with someone in order to stay updated or exchange information. It suggests reaching out to someone to connect or reconnect, usually about a specific matter or to verify details.
  • reach first base The idiom "reach first base" is derived from baseball and refers to making initial progress or achieving the first step in a particular endeavor or relationship. It typically implies reaching a basic level of success or getting past the initial stage of a task or relationship.
  • base one's opinion on something To base one's opinion on something means to form or make a judgment or belief about a situation, person, or topic using a particular piece of information or evidence as the foundation or basis for that opinion. It implies that the opinion is influenced by or relies heavily on a specific factor or reason.
  • base on balls The idiom "base on balls" refers to the sport of baseball, specifically when a batter is awarded first base by receiving four balls, or pitches, outside of the strike zone. It is commonly known as a "walk."
  • get to first base (with sm or sth) The idiom "get to first base (with someone or something)" is often used figuratively to describe making initial progress or achieving a basic level of accomplishment in a romantic or goal-oriented pursuit. It is derived from the game of baseball, where reaching first base is the initial step towards scoring a run. In a non-literal sense, it usually refers to someone gaining the attention, affection, or approval of another person, or making progress towards achieving a goal.
  • base motive The idiom "base motive" refers to a selfish, morally reprehensible, or dishonorable reason or intention behind someone's actions. It suggests that the person's motivations are driven by personal gain, disregard for others, or unethical conduct.
  • touch base (with sm) The idiom "touch base (with someone)" means to contact or communicate with someone briefly, usually to update them or exchange information. It implies a quick interaction to ensure both parties are on the same page or to maintain a connection.
  • get to first base (with someone or something) The idiom "get to first base (with someone or something)" typically refers to making progress or achieving a basic level of success in a romantic or personal pursuit. It originates from baseball, where advancing to first base is the initial step towards scoring a run. In a broader context, it can also imply making progress in any endeavor, not just limited to romantic relationships.
  • base something (up)on someone or something The idiom "base something (up)on someone or something" means to use someone or something as a foundation or reference point for developing or forming an idea, opinion, theory, or decision. It implies that the mentioned person or thing serves as the primary source of inspiration or influence while creating or establishing something.
  • base one's opinion on sth The idiom "base one's opinion on something" means to form or make a judgment or belief about something, using a particular factor or information as the foundation or main source of that opinion. It implies that the opinion is influenced primarily by the specific element or evidence mentioned.
  • touch base (with sb) The idiom "touch base (with someone)" means to make contact or communicate briefly with someone, usually to get or exchange information or updates.
  • get to first base The idiom "get to first base" refers to progressing or achieving the early or initial stage of a task, goal, or relationship. It is often used metaphorically to describe making progress or gaining some success, especially in romantic or social encounters. The phrase is derived from baseball, where "first base" is the initial step towards scoring a run.
  • touch base (with someone) The idiom "touch base (with someone)" means to make or establish contact with someone, usually to provide updates, check on progress, or maintain communication. It refers to reaching out to someone to briefly connect or reconnect.
  • base instinct The idiom "base instinct" refers to a primal, natural or instinctive behavior or urge that is often considered low or lacking in moral or ethical standards. It implies an inclination towards basic, often selfish and animalistic desires, disregarding higher principles or rationality.
  • not get to first base (with something/somebody) The idiom "not get to first base (with something/somebody)" is a metaphorical expression used to describe failing to achieve even the initial stage or making any progress in a particular situation, task, or relationship. It originated from the sport baseball, where "getting to first base" is the first step towards scoring a run. Therefore, if someone "doesn't get to first base," they are unsuccessful in advancing towards their goal or receiving any positive attention or results.
  • get to first (base) (with someone) The idiom "get to first (base) (with someone)" is a metaphorical expression derived from baseball. It refers to initiating or achieving the first level of progress or intimacy in a personal relationship, often of a romantic or sexual nature. It indicates reaching a point where initial barriers are overcome, and a connection or understanding is established between two people.
  • be off base To be off base means to be making an incorrect assumption or criticizing someone or something without proper knowledge or understanding. It suggests that the person is mistaken or misguided in their judgment or opinion.
  • base (one's) opinion on The idiom "base (one's) opinion on" means to form or develop an opinion or judgment by relying on certain premises, facts, evidence, or personal experiences. It suggests that one's opinion is derived from a foundation of objective or subjective information.
  • touch base (with somebody) The idiom "touch base (with somebody)" means to make contact or communicate with someone, often to check in or provide an update. This expression is commonly used in informal or professional settings to denote the act of reconnecting or getting in touch with someone for a brief conversation or discussion. It can also indicate the need to briefly meet or connect with someone to exchange information or collaborate.
  • base over apex

Similar spelling words for BASE

Plural form of BASE is BASES

Conjugate verb Base


I would have based
you would have based
he/she/it would have based
we would have based
they would have based
I would have base
you would have base
he/she/it would have base
we would have base
they would have base


I would have been basing
you would have been basing
he/she/it would have been basing
we would have been basing
they would have been basing


I would base
you would base
he/she/it would base
we would base
they would base


I would be basing
you would be basing
he/she/it would be basing
we would be basing
they would be basing


I will base
you will base
he/she/it will base
we will base
they will base


I will be basing
you will be basing
he/she/it will be basing
we will be basing
they will be basing


I will have based
you will have based
he/she/it will have based
we will have based
they will have based


I will have been basing
you will have been basing
he/she/it will have been basing
we will have been basing
they will have been basing


you base
we let´s base


to base


I was basing
you were basing
he/she/it was basing
we were basing
they were basing




I had based
you had based
he/she/it had based
we had based
they had based


I had been basing
you had been basing
he/she/it had been basing
we had been basing
they had been basing


I base
you base
he/she/it bases
we base
they base


I am basing
you are basing
he/she/it is basing
we are basing
they are basing




I have based
you have based
he/she/it has based
we have based
they have based


I have been basing
you have been basing
he/she/it has been basing
we have been basing
they have been basing


he/she/it base


I based
you based
he/she/it based
we based
they based


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