How Do You Spell BASLE?

The spelling of the word "basle" can be confusing due to the varied pronunciation of the letter "s" in English. In fact, the correct spelling of this word is "Basel" and it is pronounced '/ˈbɑːzəl/' in IPA phonetic transcription. The city of Basel is located in Switzerland and is known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant art scene. So, next time when you think of spelling "basle", remember it's actually spelled "Basel" and pronounced with a long "a" sound.

Common Misspellings for BASLE

  • vasle
  • nasle
  • gasle
  • bzsle
  • bssle
  • bwsle
  • bqsle
  • baxle
  • badle
  • baspe
  • basoe
  • baslw
  • basls
  • baslr
  • basl4
  • basl3
  • vbasle
  • bvasle
  • nbasle

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