How Do You Spell BATHES?

Correct spelling for the English word "bathes" is [bˈe͡ɪðz], [bˈe‍ɪðz], [b_ˈeɪ_ð_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for BATHES

Below is the list of 126 misspellings for the word "bathes".

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Anagrams of BATHES

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Usage Examples for BATHES

  1. When he lifts his head in moral anguish, bathes all his spirit in the flood of awe and repentance, is transfigured with the glorious madness of self- sacrifice, he is so many worlds higher than the beast that their relationship becomes irrelevant. - "Preaching and Paganism" by Albert Parker Fitch
  2. Brander had Mauger fetch whale oil; he washed the lumps in this as tenderly as a mother bathes a child. - "The Sea Bride" by Ben Ames Williams

Conjugate verb Bathes


I would bathe
we would bathe
you would bathe
he/she/it would bathe
they would bathe


I will bathe
we will bathe
you will bathe
he/she/it will bathe
they will bathe


I will have bathed
we will have bathed
you will have bathed
he/she/it will have bathed
they will have bathed


I bathed
we bathed
you bathed
he/she/it bathed
they bathed


I had bathed
we had bathed
you had bathed
he/she/it had bathed
they had bathed


I bathe
we bathe
you bathe
he/she/it bathes
they bathe


I have bathed
we have bathed
you have bathed
he/she/it has bathed
they have bathed
I am bathing
we are bathing
you are bathing
he/she/it is bathing
they are bathing
I was bathing
we were bathing
you were bathing
he/she/it was bathing
they were bathing
I will be bathing
we will be bathing
you will be bathing
he/she/it will be bathing
they will be bathing
I have been bathing
we have been bathing
you have been bathing
he/she/it has been bathing
they have been bathing
I had been bathing
we had been bathing
you had been bathing
he/she/it had been bathing
they had been bathing
I will have been bathing
we will have been bathing
you will have been bathing
he/she/it will have been bathing
they will have been bathing
I would have bathed
we would have bathed
you would have bathed
he/she/it would have bathed
they would have bathed
I would be bathing
we would be bathing
you would be bathing
he/she/it would be bathing
they would be bathing
I would have been bathing
we would have been bathing
you would have been bathing
he/she/it would have been bathing
they would have been bathing