How Do You Spell BEAMS?

Correct spelling for the English word "beams" is [b_ˈiː_m_z], [bˈiːmz], [bˈiːmz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for BEAMS

Below is the list of 136 misspellings for the word "beams".

Similar spelling words for BEAMS

Definition of BEAMS

  1. Strong thick pieces of timber stretching across a ship from side to side to support the decks.

Anagrams of BEAMS

4 letters

3 letters

Usage Examples for BEAMS

  1. Her face beams to match her gown. - "Echoes of the War" by J. M. Barrie
  2. Around this monster engine wuz electric head- lights throwin' dazzlin' beams in every direction. - "Samantha at the St. Louis Exposition" by Marietta Holley

What does beams stand for?

Abbreviation BEAMS means:

  1. Budget Estimation, Allocation & Monitoring System
  2. Breakthrough Engine with Advanced Mechanism System

Conjugate verb Beams


I would beam
we would beam
you would beam
he/she/it would beam
they would beam


I will beam
we will beam
you will beam
he/she/it will beam
they will beam


I will have beamed
we will have beamed
you will have beamed
he/she/it will have beamed
they will have beamed


I beamed
we beamed
you beamed
he/she/it beamed
they beamed


I had beamed
we had beamed
you had beamed
he/she/it had beamed
they had beamed


I beam
we beam
you beam
he/she/it beams
they beam


I have beamed
we have beamed
you have beamed
he/she/it has beamed
they have beamed
I am beaming
we are beaming
you are beaming
he/she/it is beaming
they are beaming
I was beaming
we were beaming
you were beaming
he/she/it was beaming
they were beaming
I will be beaming
we will be beaming
you will be beaming
he/she/it will be beaming
they will be beaming
I have been beaming
we have been beaming
you have been beaming
he/she/it has been beaming
they have been beaming
I had been beaming
we had been beaming
you had been beaming
he/she/it had been beaming
they had been beaming
I will have been beaming
we will have been beaming
you will have been beaming
he/she/it will have been beaming
they will have been beaming
I would have beamed
we would have beamed
you would have beamed
he/she/it would have beamed
they would have beamed
I would be beaming
we would be beaming
you would be beaming
he/she/it would be beaming
they would be beaming
I would have been beaming
we would have been beaming
you would have been beaming
he/she/it would have been beaming
they would have been beaming