How Do You Spell BEATS?

The word "beats" is spelled as /bits/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The word derives from the verb "beat" which means to strike repeatedly. The addition of the letter "s" at the end of the word changes it from a verb to a noun, referring to the rhythmic pattern in music. The spelling is consistent with English orthography which often adds the letter "s" to make a noun plural. The pronunciation emphasizes the sound of the letter "i" and the sound of the letter "t" is softened at the end of the word.

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Conjugate verb Beats


I would beat
we would beat
you would beat
he/she/it would beat
they would beat


I will beat
we will beat
you will beat
he/she/it will beat
they will beat


I will have beaten
we will have beaten
you will have beaten
he/she/it will have beaten
they will have beaten


he/she/it beat


I had beaten
we had beaten
you had beaten
he/she/it had beaten
they had beaten


I beat
we beat
you beat
he/she/it beats
they beat


I have beaten
we have beaten
you have beaten
he/she/it has beaten
they have beaten
I am beating
we are beating
you are beating
he/she/it is beating
they are beating
I was beating
we were beating
you were beating
he/she/it was beating
they were beating
I will be beating
we will be beating
you will be beating
he/she/it will be beating
they will be beating
I have been beating
we have been beating
you have been beating
he/she/it has been beating
they have been beating
I had been beating
we had been beating
you had been beating
he/she/it had been beating
they had been beating
I will have been beating
we will have been beating
you will have been beating
he/she/it will have been beating
they will have been beating
I would have beaten
we would have beaten
you would have beaten
he/she/it would have beaten
they would have beaten
I would be beating
we would be beating
you would be beating
he/she/it would be beating
they would be beating
I would have been beating
we would have been beating
you would have been beating
he/she/it would have been beating
they would have been beating


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