How Do You Spell BEHEADING?

Correct spelling for the English word "beheading" is [b_ɪ_h_ˈɛ_d_ɪ_ŋ], [bɪhˈɛdɪŋ], [bɪhˈɛdɪŋ]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for BEHEADING

Below is the list of 29 misspellings for the word "beheading".

Similar spelling words for BEHEADING


Definition of BEHEADING

  1. The act of decapitating.

Anagrams of BEHEADING

7 letters

Usage Examples for BEHEADING

  1. It is a grievous mistake to suppose that vital godliness caused the great rebellion, and consequent beheading of King Charles I. It was frightful and most insupportable tyranny that drove a nation, headed by their parliament, to arms. - "The Works of John Bunyan Volume 3" by John Bunyan
  2. For Vitellius's men marched up to the walls, and upbraided Otho's upon the ramparts, calling them players, dancers, idle spectators of Pythian and Olympic games, but novices in the art of war, who never so much as looked on at a battle; mean souls, that triumphed in the beheading of Galba, an old man unarmed, but had no desire to look real enemies in the face. - "Plutarch-Lives-of-the-noble-Grecians-and-Romans" by Clough, Arthur Hugh

Conjugate verb Beheading


I would behead
we would behead
you would behead
he/she/it would behead
they would behead


I will behead
we will behead
you will behead
he/she/it will behead
they will behead


I will have beheaded
we will have beheaded
you will have beheaded
he/she/it will have beheaded
they will have beheaded


I beheaded
we beheaded
you beheaded
he/she/it beheaded
they beheaded


I had beheaded
we had beheaded
you had beheaded
he/she/it had beheaded
they had beheaded


I behead
we behead
you behead
he/she/it beheads
they behead


I have beheaded
we have beheaded
you have beheaded
he/she/it has beheaded
they have beheaded
I am beheading
we are beheading
you are beheading
he/she/it is beheading
they are beheading
I was beheading
we were beheading
you were beheading
he/she/it was beheading
they were beheading
I will be beheading
we will be beheading
you will be beheading
he/she/it will be beheading
they will be beheading
I have been beheading
we have been beheading
you have been beheading
he/she/it has been beheading
they have been beheading
I had been beheading
we had been beheading
you had been beheading
he/she/it had been beheading
they had been beheading
I will have been beheading
we will have been beheading
you will have been beheading
he/she/it will have been beheading
they will have been beheading
I would have beheaded
we would have beheaded
you would have beheaded
he/she/it would have beheaded
they would have beheaded
I would be beheading
we would be beheading
you would be beheading
he/she/it would be beheading
they would be beheading
I would have been beheading
we would have been beheading
you would have been beheading
he/she/it would have been beheading
they would have been beheading