How Do You Spell BEING?

Correct spelling for the English word "being" is [bˈiːɪŋ], [bˈiːɪŋ], [b_ˈiː__ɪ_ŋ] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Similar spelling words for BEING

Plural form of BEING is BEINGS

20 words made out of letters BEING

3 letters

  • ige,
  • gin,
  • nib,
  • beg,
  • geb,
  • ngb,
  • ebn,
  • bin,
  • ben,
  • gib,
  • neb,
  • nbe,
  • big,
  • gen.

4 letters

  • bine,
  • gibe,
  • beni,
  • inge.

5 letters

  • begin,
  • binge.

Conjugate verb Being


I would be
we would be
you would be
he/she/it would be
they would be


I will be
we will be
you will be
he/she/it will be
they will be


I will have been
we will have been
you will have been
he/she/it will have been
they will have been


I was
we were
you were
he/she/it was
they were


I had been
we had been
you had been
he/she/it had been
they had been


I am
we are
you are
he/she/it is
they are


I have been
we have been
you have been
he/she/it has been
they have been
I am being
we are being
you are being
he/she/it is being
they are being
I was being
we were being
you were being
he/she/it was being
they were being
I will be being
we will be being
you will be being
he/she/it will be being
they will be being
I have been being
we have been being
you have been being
he/she/it has been being
they have been being
I had been being
we had been being
you had been being
he/she/it had been being
they had been being
I will have been being
we will have been being
you will have been being
he/she/it will have been being
they will have been being
I would have been
we would have been
you would have been
he/she/it would have been
they would have been
I would be being
we would be being
you would be being
he/she/it would be being
they would be being
I would have been being
we would have been being
you would have been being
he/she/it would have been being
they would have been being
you be
we be


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