How Do You Spell BEL?

Pronunciation: [bˈɛl] (IPA)

The word "bel" is spelled with the phonemes /b/ and /ɛl/, represented in IPA as /bɛl/. The letter "e" in "bel" is pronounced with the "short e" sound, which is produced by relaxing the muscles in the tongue and keeping the sound short. The letter "l" is pronounced with a voiced alveolar lateral flap, where the tongue briefly taps the roof of the mouth behind the teeth. "Bel" has various meanings, such as a unit for sound level, a Babylonian deity, and a Hebrew word for "lord."

BEL Meaning and Definition

Bel is a noun that can have multiple meanings depending on the context in which it is used. In ancient mythology, Bel refers to the Babylonian god of the sun and later became synonymous with Marduk, the primary deity of Babylon. Bel is often depicted as a powerful god associated with creation, fertility, and victory.

Additionally, bel is a unit used to express the ratio between two quantities that are logarithmically related. It is commonly used in telecommunications and electronics to measure the difference in power levels. One bel is equal to a tenfold difference in power, while one-tenth of a bel is called a decibel (dB), which is the more commonly used term.

Bel can also be short for "belle," a French word meaning beautiful or attractive, usually referring to a woman. It is often used to compliment or describe someone's physical appearance.

Furthermore, bel may be used as a verb form of the word "bellow," which means to emit a deep, loud, and resonant sound. This can be used to describe the roar of an animal or a loud shout or cry from a person.

Overall, bel can refer to a Babylonian god, a logarithmic unit of measurement, a compliment, or a verb describing a deep and loud sound.

Common Misspellings for BEL

  • bhel
  • gbel
  • bwel
  • besl
  • bdel
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  • brel
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  • b4el
  • be4l
  • b3el
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  • bekl
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  • b el
  • be l

Etymology of BEL

The word bel originates from Middle English and is derived from the Old English word bellan.

Idioms with the word BEL

  • Bel

Similar spelling words for BEL

Plural form of BEL is BELS


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