How Do You Spell BELIEVING?

Pronunciation: [bɪlˈiːvɪŋ] (IPA)

The word "believing" (IPA: /bɪˈliːvɪŋ/) is spelled with the suffix "-ing" which is added to the end of the verb "believe". The "ie" in "believing" represents the long "ee" sound, while the "v" in "believe" is pronounced as a voiced labiodental fricative. The stress is also on the second syllable, "li". This phonetic transcription helps us understand how to pronounce the word correctly and ensures the correct spelling when writing it down.

BELIEVING Meaning and Definition

  1. Believing is a verb that refers to accepting or holding something as true or real, often based on trust, faith, or conviction. It involves having confidence and conviction in the existence, reality, or truthfulness of something, whether tangible or intangible. Believing is the act of placing belief or placing one's trust in a concept, idea, person, or entity.

    The process of believing often involves considering evidence, information, or personal experiences that support the acceptance of a certain belief. It can also involve disregarding or questioning opposing viewpoints or perspectives. Believing can be influenced by factors such as culture, education, personal values, and emotional or psychological needs.

    Believing can encompass a wide range of beliefs, including religious or spiritual beliefs, scientific beliefs, moral beliefs, and personal convictions. It can also involve trust in oneself and one's abilities or potential. Believing can provide individuals with a sense of purpose, identity, and guidance, shaping their perceptions, decisions, and actions.

    However, believing can also be subjective and influenced by biases, misconceptions, or misinformation. It is important to critically evaluate beliefs and be open to reassessing them in the face of new evidence or perspectives. Believing can vary among individuals, communities, or cultures, leading to diverse beliefs and worldviews.

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Etymology of BELIEVING

The word "believing" is derived from the Old English word "belyfan", which comes from the combination of the prefix "be-" (which intensifies the meaning) and the verb "leofian", meaning "to allow, to trust, to believe". This Old English verb ultimately traces back to the Proto-Germanic word "leubjan", which means "to believe". The term has undergone changes in spelling and pronunciation throughout history but has retained its fundamental meaning of having faith or trust in something or someone.

Idioms with the word BELIEVING

  • seeing is believing The idiom "seeing is believing" means that only when one sees something firsthand or witnesses an event with their own eyes, they will truly understand or believe it. It emphasizes the idea that visual evidence or personal experience is the most convincing way to believe in the existence or truth of something.

Similar spelling words for BELIEVING

Conjugate verb Believing


I would believe
we would believe
you would believe
he/she/it would believe
they would believe


I will believe
we will believe
you will believe
he/she/it will believe
they will believe


I will have believed
we will have believed
you will have believed
he/she/it will have believed
they will have believed


I believed
we believed
you believed
he/she/it believed
they believed


I had believed
we had believed
you had believed
he/she/it had believed
they had believed


I believe
we believe
you believe
he/she/it believes
they believe


I have believed
we have believed
you have believed
he/she/it has believed
they have believed
I am believing
we are believing
you are believing
he/she/it is believing
they are believing
I was believing
we were believing
you were believing
he/she/it was believing
they were believing
I will be believing
we will be believing
you will be believing
he/she/it will be believing
they will be believing
I have been believing
we have been believing
you have been believing
he/she/it has been believing
they have been believing
I had been believing
we had been believing
you had been believing
he/she/it had been believing
they had been believing
I will have been believing
we will have been believing
you will have been believing
he/she/it will have been believing
they will have been believing
I would have believed
we would have believed
you would have believed
he/she/it would have believed
they would have believed
I would be believing
we would be believing
you would be believing
he/she/it would be believing
they would be believing
I would have been believing
we would have been believing
you would have been believing
he/she/it would have been believing
they would have been believing


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