How Do You Spell BELLS?

Correct spelling for the English word "bells" is [b_ˈɛ_l_z], [bˈɛlz], [bˈɛlz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for BELLS

Below is the list of 148 misspellings for the word "bells".

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Definition of BELLS

  1. In ( Exodus 28:33 ) the bells alluded to were the golden ones 72 in number, round the hem of the his priests ephod. The object of them was so that his sound might be heard." ( Exodus 28:34 ) Ecclus. 45:9. To this day bells are frequently attached, for the sake of their pleasant sound, to the anklets of women. The little girls of Cairo wear strings of them around their feet. In ( Zechariah 14:20 ) "bells of the horses" were concave or flat pieces of brass, which were sometimes attached to horses for the sake of ornament.

Anagrams of BELLS

4 letters

3 letters

Conjugate verb Bells


I would bell
we would bell
you would bell
he/she/it would bell
they would bell


I will bell
we will bell
you will bell
he/she/it will bell
they will bell


I will have belled
we will have belled
you will have belled
he/she/it will have belled
they will have belled


I belled
we belled
you belled
he/she/it belled
they belled


I had belled
we had belled
you had belled
he/she/it had belled
they had belled


I bell
we bell
you bell
he/she/it bells
they bell


I have belled
we have belled
you have belled
he/she/it has belled
they have belled
I am belling
we are belling
you are belling
he/she/it is belling
they are belling
I was belling
we were belling
you were belling
he/she/it was belling
they were belling
I will be belling
we will be belling
you will be belling
he/she/it will be belling
they will be belling
I have been belling
we have been belling
you have been belling
he/she/it has been belling
they have been belling
I had been belling
we had been belling
you had been belling
he/she/it had been belling
they had been belling
I will have been belling
we will have been belling
you will have been belling
he/she/it will have been belling
they will have been belling
I would have belled
we would have belled
you would have belled
he/she/it would have belled
they would have belled
I would be belling
we would be belling
you would be belling
he/she/it would be belling
they would be belling
I would have been belling
we would have been belling
you would have been belling
he/she/it would have been belling
they would have been belling