How Do You Spell BELONGING?

Correct spelling for the English word "belonging" is [b_ɪ_l_ˈɒ_ŋ_ɪ_ŋ], [bɪlˈɒŋɪŋ], [bɪlˈɒŋɪŋ]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for BELONGING

Below is the list of 243 misspellings for the word "belonging".

Similar spelling words for BELONGING

Definition of BELONGING

  1. That which belongs to one; that which pertains to one; hence, goods or effects.

Anagrams of BELONGING

7 letters

Usage Examples for BELONGING

  1. As much as she had hated Tharn, being with him was far better than belonging to those who had her now. - "Warrior of the Dawn" by Howard Carleton Browne
  2. At Palace Gardens the Bakewell family were settled in a furnished house belonging to Col. - "An Autobiography" by Catherine Helen Spence
  3. Everything belonging to their late visitors had vanished, and nobody knew where they had gone. - "The Marquis of Lossie" by George MacDonald
  4. It does not occur to any one that she could lay hands upon the small fortune belonging to Stella, who has lately been declared of age. - "Erlach Court" by Ossip Schubin
  5. The bluebuck saw what had happened and cried out: " The fat belonging to all the animals has been eaten by the inkalimeva." - "South-African Folk-Tales" by James A. Honey

Conjugate verb Belonging


I would belong
we would belong
you would belong
he/she/it would belong
they would belong


I will belong
we will belong
you will belong
he/she/it will belong
they will belong


I will have belonged
we will have belonged
you will have belonged
he/she/it will have belonged
they will have belonged


I belonged
we belonged
you belonged
he/she/it belonged
they belonged


I had belonged
we had belonged
you had belonged
he/she/it had belonged
they had belonged


I belong
we belong
you belong
he/she/it belongs
they belong


I have belonged
we have belonged
you have belonged
he/she/it has belonged
they have belonged
I am belonging
we are belonging
you are belonging
he/she/it is belonging
they are belonging
I was belonging
we were belonging
you were belonging
he/she/it was belonging
they were belonging
I will be belonging
we will be belonging
you will be belonging
he/she/it will be belonging
they will be belonging
I have been belonging
we have been belonging
you have been belonging
he/she/it has been belonging
they have been belonging
I had been belonging
we had been belonging
you had been belonging
he/she/it had been belonging
they had been belonging
I will have been belonging
we will have been belonging
you will have been belonging
he/she/it will have been belonging
they will have been belonging
I would have belonged
we would have belonged
you would have belonged
he/she/it would have belonged
they would have belonged
I would be belonging
we would be belonging
you would be belonging
he/she/it would be belonging
they would be belonging
I would have been belonging
we would have been belonging
you would have been belonging
he/she/it would have been belonging
they would have been belonging