How Do You Spell BELTS?

The word "belts" is spelled using the English alphabet, with the letters 'b', 'e', 'l', 't', and 's' in that order. In International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) notation, "belts" is written as /bɛlts/. The 'e' is pronounced as the "short e" sound, while the 'l' and 't' are pronounced as they would be in isolation. The 's' is pronounced as a voiced alveolar fricative, similar to the 'z' sound in "zoo". The combination of these sounds creates the spoken word "belts."

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Conjugate verb Belts


I would belt
we would belt
you would belt
he/she/it would belt
they would belt


I will belt
we will belt
you will belt
he/she/it will belt
they will belt


I will have belted
we will have belted
you will have belted
he/she/it will have belted
they will have belted


I belted
we belted
you belted
he/she/it belted
they belted


I had belted
we had belted
you had belted
he/she/it had belted
they had belted


I belt
we belt
you belt
he/she/it belts
they belt


I have belted
we have belted
you have belted
he/she/it has belted
they have belted
I am belting
we are belting
you are belting
he/she/it is belting
they are belting
I was belting
we were belting
you were belting
he/she/it was belting
they were belting
I will be belting
we will be belting
you will be belting
he/she/it will be belting
they will be belting
I have been belting
we have been belting
you have been belting
he/she/it has been belting
they have been belting
I had been belting
we had been belting
you had been belting
he/she/it had been belting
they had been belting
I will have been belting
we will have been belting
you will have been belting
he/she/it will have been belting
they will have been belting
I would have belted
we would have belted
you would have belted
he/she/it would have belted
they would have belted
I would be belting
we would be belting
you would be belting
he/she/it would be belting
they would be belting
I would have been belting
we would have been belting
you would have been belting
he/she/it would have been belting
they would have been belting


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