How Do You Spell BERTHED?

The verb "berthed" is pronounced /bɜːθt/ and means to dock a ship or bring it to a place where it can be tied up. The unusual spelling of this word comes from its origins in old English, where the word for "landing place" was "berth". Over time, the spelling was modified to indicate the past tense by adding the -ed suffix, resulting in "berthed". Despite its uncommon appearance, the spelling of "berthed" is consistent with the standard rules of English verb conjugation.

Common Misspellings for BERTHED

11 words made out of letters BERTHED

5 letters

7 letters

Conjugate verb Berthed


I would berth
we would berth
you would berth
he/she/it would berth
they would berth


I will berth
we will berth
you will berth
he/she/it will berth
they will berth


I will have berthed
we will have berthed
you will have berthed
he/she/it will have berthed
they will have berthed


I berthed
we berthed
you berthed
he/she/it berthed
they berthed


I had berthed
we had berthed
you had berthed
he/she/it had berthed
they had berthed


I berth
we berth
you berth
he/she/it berths
they berth


I have berthed
we have berthed
you have berthed
he/she/it has berthed
they have berthed
I am berthing
we are berthing
you are berthing
he/she/it is berthing
they are berthing
I was berthing
we were berthing
you were berthing
he/she/it was berthing
they were berthing
I will be berthing
we will be berthing
you will be berthing
he/she/it will be berthing
they will be berthing
I have been berthing
we have been berthing
you have been berthing
he/she/it has been berthing
they have been berthing
I had been berthing
we had been berthing
you had been berthing
he/she/it had been berthing
they had been berthing
I will have been berthing
we will have been berthing
you will have been berthing
he/she/it will have been berthing
they will have been berthing
I would have berthed
we would have berthed
you would have berthed
he/she/it would have berthed
they would have berthed
I would be berthing
we would be berthing
you would be berthing
he/she/it would be berthing
they would be berthing
I would have been berthing
we would have been berthing
you would have been berthing
he/she/it would have been berthing
they would have been berthing


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