How Do You Spell BETROTHS?

Correct spelling for the English word "betroths" is [bɪtɹˈə͡ʊðs], [bɪtɹˈə‍ʊðs], [b_ɪ_t_ɹ_ˈəʊ_ð_s] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for BETROTHS

Below is the list of 11 misspellings for the word "betroths".

Similar spelling words for BETROTHS

19 words made out of letters BETROTHS

6 letters

  • bettor,
  • reshot,
  • otters,
  • borsht,
  • throbs,
  • throes,
  • hotter,
  • berths,
  • others,
  • tortes,
  • broths,
  • toters,
  • bother,
  • strobe,
  • troths,
  • sorbet.

7 letters

  • bothers,
  • betroth,
  • bettors.

Conjugate verb Betroths


I would betroth
we would betroth
you would betroth
he/she/it would betroth
they would betroth


I will betroth
we will betroth
you will betroth
he/she/it will betroth
they will betroth


I will have betrothed
we will have betrothed
you will have betrothed
he/she/it will have betrothed
they will have betrothed


I betrothed
we betrothed
you betrothed
he/she/it betrothed
they betrothed


I had betrothed
we had betrothed
you had betrothed
he/she/it had betrothed
they had betrothed


I betroth
we betroth
you betroth
he/she/it betroths
they betroth


I have betrothed
we have betrothed
you have betrothed
he/she/it has betrothed
they have betrothed
I am betrothing
we are betrothing
you are betrothing
he/she/it is betrothing
they are betrothing
I was betrothing
we were betrothing
you were betrothing
he/she/it was betrothing
they were betrothing
I will be betrothing
we will be betrothing
you will be betrothing
he/she/it will be betrothing
they will be betrothing
I have been betrothing
we have been betrothing
you have been betrothing
he/she/it has been betrothing
they have been betrothing
I had been betrothing
we had been betrothing
you had been betrothing
he/she/it had been betrothing
they had been betrothing
I will have been betrothing
we will have been betrothing
you will have been betrothing
he/she/it will have been betrothing
they will have been betrothing
I would have betrothed
we would have betrothed
you would have betrothed
he/she/it would have betrothed
they would have betrothed
I would be betrothing
we would be betrothing
you would be betrothing
he/she/it would be betrothing
they would be betrothing
I would have been betrothing
we would have been betrothing
you would have been betrothing
he/she/it would have been betrothing
they would have been betrothing


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