How Do You Spell BETS?

The word "bets" is spelled with a short e sound and a voiced final consonant. The IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) transcription for this word is /bɛts/. The letter "e" in this word represents the short e sound /ɛ/, while the final consonant "s" is pronounced as a voiced sound /z/. This word is commonly used in the context of gambling, referring to the amount of money placed on a particular outcome or event. Proper spelling of this word is important in communication and written language.

Common Misspellings for BETS

19 words made out of letters BETS

2 letters

3 letters

4 letters

Conjugate verb Bets


I would bet
we would bet
you would bet
he/she/it would bet
they would bet


I will bet
we will bet
you will bet
he/she/it will bet
they will bet


I will have bet
we will have bet
you will have bet
he/she/it will have bet
they will have bet


he/she/it bet


I had bet
we had bet
you had bet
he/she/it had bet
they had bet


I bet
we bet
you bet
he/she/it bets
they bet


I have bet
we have bet
you have bet
he/she/it has bet
they have bet
I am betting
we are betting
you are betting
he/she/it is betting
they are betting
I was betting
we were betting
you were betting
he/she/it was betting
they were betting
I will be betting
we will be betting
you will be betting
he/she/it will be betting
they will be betting
I have been betting
we have been betting
you have been betting
he/she/it has been betting
they have been betting
I had been betting
we had been betting
you had been betting
he/she/it had been betting
they had been betting
I will have been betting
we will have been betting
you will have been betting
he/she/it will have been betting
they will have been betting
I would have bet
we would have bet
you would have bet
he/she/it would have bet
they would have bet
I would be betting
we would be betting
you would be betting
he/she/it would be betting
they would be betting
I would have been betting
we would have been betting
you would have been betting
he/she/it would have been betting
they would have been betting


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