How Do You Spell BIAFRAN?

Biafran is a term that refers to the people, culture, and region of Biafra, a region in southeastern Nigeria that declared independence in 1967. The word Biafran is pronounced as /baɪˈæfrən/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The pronunciation includes the stress on the second syllable and the use of the phoneme /aɪ/ for the vowel sound in the first syllable. The spelling of Biafran is straightforward, with the use of the letter "i" in place of the letter "e" in the word "Biafra."

Common Misspellings for BIAFRAN

  • viafran
  • niafran
  • hiafran
  • giafran
  • buafran
  • bjafran
  • bkafran
  • boafran
  • b9afran
  • b8afran
  • bizfran
  • bisfran
  • biwfran
  • biqfran
  • biadran
  • biacran
  • biavran
  • biagran
  • biatran
  • biarran

Plural form of BIAFRAN is BIAFRANS

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