How Do You Spell BLEARS?

The spelling of the word "blears" can be a bit confusing, as it might seem like it should be spelled "blairs" or "blyrs." However, the correct phonetic transcription of "blears" is /blɪrz/. This means that the first sound is a voiced "b" followed by a short "i" sound, and then a voiced "r" and finally a voiced "z." The word itself means having eyes that are blurred with tears, often due to crying or exhaustion.

Similar spelling words for BLEARS

53 words made out of letters BLEARS

Conjugate verb Blears


I would blear
we would blear
you would blear
he/she/it would blear
they would blear


I will blear
we will blear
you will blear
he/she/it will blear
they will blear


I will have bleared
we will have bleared
you will have bleared
he/she/it will have bleared
they will have bleared


I bleared
we bleared
you bleared
he/she/it bleared
they bleared


I had bleared
we had bleared
you had bleared
he/she/it had bleared
they had bleared


I blear
we blear
you blear
he/she/it blears
they blear


I have bleared
we have bleared
you have bleared
he/she/it has bleared
they have bleared
I am blearing
we are blearing
you are blearing
he/she/it is blearing
they are blearing
I was blearing
we were blearing
you were blearing
he/she/it was blearing
they were blearing
I will be blearing
we will be blearing
you will be blearing
he/she/it will be blearing
they will be blearing
I have been blearing
we have been blearing
you have been blearing
he/she/it has been blearing
they have been blearing
I had been blearing
we had been blearing
you had been blearing
he/she/it had been blearing
they had been blearing
I will have been blearing
we will have been blearing
you will have been blearing
he/she/it will have been blearing
they will have been blearing
I would have bleared
we would have bleared
you would have bleared
he/she/it would have bleared
they would have bleared
I would be blearing
we would be blearing
you would be blearing
he/she/it would be blearing
they would be blearing
I would have been blearing
we would have been blearing
you would have been blearing
he/she/it would have been blearing
they would have been blearing


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