How Do You Spell BLEATER?

The word "bleater" is spelled with a "B" sound, followed by the "L" sound, an "I" sound pronounced as "ee", a "T" sound, the "ER" sound pronounced as "er", and a silent "E". The IPA phonetic transcription for this word is /ˈbliːtər/. A bleater is a person or animal that makes a high-pitched or annoying sound, resembling the sound made by a goat. This word is commonly used in sports to describe fans or players who complain excessively.

Common Misspellings for BLEATER

  • vleater
  • nleater
  • hleater
  • gleater
  • bkeater
  • bpeater
  • boeater
  • blwater
  • bldater
  • blrater
  • bl4ater
  • bl3ater
  • blezter
  • blewter
  • bleqter
  • bleafer
  • bleager
  • bleayer
  • blea6er
  • bloeater

Plural form of BLEATER is BLEATERS

31 words made out of letters BLEATER


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