How Do You Spell BLEATS?

Correct spelling for the English word "bleats" is [blˈiːts], [blˈiːts], [b_l_ˈiː_t_s]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for BLEATS

Below is the list of 55 misspellings for the word "bleats".

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Anagrams of BLEATS

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Usage Examples for BLEATS

  1. Then he rings the bull's- eye of Virtue ten times out of ten, and the clergy bleats with delight. - "Captivating Mary Carstairs" by Henry Sydnor Harrison
  2. The white lamb bleats but followeth on- Follow the clean white sheep. - "Mopsa the Fairy" by Jean Ingelow

Conjugate verb Bleats


I would bleat
we would bleat
you would bleat
he/she/it would bleat
they would bleat


I will bleat
we will bleat
you will bleat
he/she/it will bleat
they will bleat


I will have bleated
we will have bleated
you will have bleated
he/she/it will have bleated
they will have bleated


I bleated
we bleated
you bleated
he/she/it bleated
they bleated


I had bleated
we had bleated
you had bleated
he/she/it had bleated
they had bleated


I bleat
we bleat
you bleat
he/she/it bleats
they bleat


I have bleated
we have bleated
you have bleated
he/she/it has bleated
they have bleated
I am bleating
we are bleating
you are bleating
he/she/it is bleating
they are bleating
I was bleating
we were bleating
you were bleating
he/she/it was bleating
they were bleating
I will be bleating
we will be bleating
you will be bleating
he/she/it will be bleating
they will be bleating
I have been bleating
we have been bleating
you have been bleating
he/she/it has been bleating
they have been bleating
I had been bleating
we had been bleating
you had been bleating
he/she/it had been bleating
they had been bleating
I will have been bleating
we will have been bleating
you will have been bleating
he/she/it will have been bleating
they will have been bleating
I would have bleated
we would have bleated
you would have bleated
he/she/it would have bleated
they would have bleated
I would be bleating
we would be bleating
you would be bleating
he/she/it would be bleating
they would be bleating
I would have been bleating
we would have been bleating
you would have been bleating
he/she/it would have been bleating
they would have been bleating