How Do You Spell BLOATS?

The word "bloats" is spelled with a silent "a" in the middle, which can be confusing for non-native speakers. The IPA phonetic transcription for "bloats" is /bləʊts/, where the "o" sound is pronounced with a long "o" sound as in "boat." The "a" in the middle is silent, and the "ts" sound is pronounced as a voiceless alveolar affricate, giving the word a crisp, sharp ending. Despite its unusual spelling, "bloats" is a common word used to describe swelling or puffiness.

Common Misspellings for BLOATS

Similar spelling words for BLOATS

46 words made out of letters BLOATS

Conjugate verb Bloats


I would bloat
we would bloat
you would bloat
he/she/it would bloat
they would bloat


I will bloat
we will bloat
you will bloat
he/she/it will bloat
they will bloat


I will have bloated
we will have bloated
you will have bloated
he/she/it will have bloated
they will have bloated


I bloated
we bloated
you bloated
he/she/it bloated
they bloated


I had bloated
we had bloated
you had bloated
he/she/it had bloated
they had bloated


I bloat
we bloat
you bloat
he/she/it bloats
they bloat


I have bloated
we have bloated
you have bloated
he/she/it has bloated
they have bloated
I am bloating
we are bloating
you are bloating
he/she/it is bloating
they are bloating
I was bloating
we were bloating
you were bloating
he/she/it was bloating
they were bloating
I will be bloating
we will be bloating
you will be bloating
he/she/it will be bloating
they will be bloating
I have been bloating
we have been bloating
you have been bloating
he/she/it has been bloating
they have been bloating
I had been bloating
we had been bloating
you had been bloating
he/she/it had been bloating
they had been bloating
I will have been bloating
we will have been bloating
you will have been bloating
he/she/it will have been bloating
they will have been bloating
I would have bloated
we would have bloated
you would have bloated
he/she/it would have bloated
they would have bloated
I would be bloating
we would be bloating
you would be bloating
he/she/it would be bloating
they would be bloating
I would have been bloating
we would have been bloating
you would have been bloating
he/she/it would have been bloating
they would have been bloating


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