How Do You Spell BLOTS?

The word "blots" contains five letters and is phonetically transcribed as /blɒts/. The initial consonant sound is a voiced bilabial plosive /b/, followed by a voiced alveolar fricative /l/. The vowel sound that follows is a low-back rounded vowel /ɒ/. The final consonant sound is also a voiced alveolar fricative /s/. The spelling of "blots" corresponds to its phonemic transcription, and with the help of phonics rules, readers can accurately spell and pronounce words such as "blots."

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Conjugate verb Blots


I would blot
we would blot
you would blot
he/she/it would blot
they would blot


I will blot
we will blot
you will blot
he/she/it will blot
they will blot


I will have blotted
we will have blotted
you will have blotted
he/she/it will have blotted
they will have blotted


I blotted
we blotted
you blotted
he/she/it blotted
they blotted


I had blotted
we had blotted
you had blotted
he/she/it had blotted
they had blotted


I blot
we blot
you blot
he/she/it blots
they blot


I have blotted
we have blotted
you have blotted
he/she/it has blotted
they have blotted
I am blotting
we are blotting
you are blotting
he/she/it is blotting
they are blotting
I was blotting
we were blotting
you were blotting
he/she/it was blotting
they were blotting
I will be blotting
we will be blotting
you will be blotting
he/she/it will be blotting
they will be blotting
I have been blotting
we have been blotting
you have been blotting
he/she/it has been blotting
they have been blotting
I had been blotting
we had been blotting
you had been blotting
he/she/it had been blotting
they had been blotting
I will have been blotting
we will have been blotting
you will have been blotting
he/she/it will have been blotting
they will have been blotting
I would have blotted
we would have blotted
you would have blotted
he/she/it would have blotted
they would have blotted
I would be blotting
we would be blotting
you would be blotting
he/she/it would be blotting
they would be blotting
I would have been blotting
we would have been blotting
you would have been blotting
he/she/it would have been blotting
they would have been blotting


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