How Do You Spell BLUES?

Correct spelling for the English word "blues" is [blˈuːz], [blˈuːz], [b_l_ˈuː_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Similar spelling words for BLUES

31 words made out of letters BLUES

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What does blues stand for?

Abbreviation BLUES means:

  1. Boeing Look Up Everything System
  2. Better Logic Using Expert Software

Conjugate verb Blues


I would blue
we would blue
you would blue
he/she/it would blue
they would blue


I will blue
we will blue
you will blue
he/she/it will blue
they will blue


I will have blued
we will have blued
you will have blued
he/she/it will have blued
they will have blued


I blued
we blued
you blued
he/she/it blued
they blued


I had blued
we had blued
you had blued
he/she/it had blued
they had blued


I blue
we blue
you blue
he/she/it blues
they blue


I have blued
we have blued
you have blued
he/she/it has blued
they have blued
I am bluing
we are bluing
you are bluing
he/she/it is bluing
they are bluing
I was bluing
we were bluing
you were bluing
he/she/it was bluing
they were bluing
I will be bluing
we will be bluing
you will be bluing
he/she/it will be bluing
they will be bluing
I have been bluing
we have been bluing
you have been bluing
he/she/it has been bluing
they have been bluing
I had been bluing
we had been bluing
you had been bluing
he/she/it had been bluing
they had been bluing
I will have been bluing
we will have been bluing
you will have been bluing
he/she/it will have been bluing
they will have been bluing
I would have blued
we would have blued
you would have blued
he/she/it would have blued
they would have blued
I would be bluing
we would be bluing
you would be bluing
he/she/it would be bluing
they would be bluing
I would have been bluing
we would have been bluing
you would have been bluing
he/she/it would have been bluing
they would have been bluing