How Do You Spell BOARDS?

Correct spelling for the English word "boards" is [b_ˈɔː_d_z], [bˈɔːdz], [bˈɔːdz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of BOARDS

  1. board examinations (in a profession, as in medicine); an informal contraction; as, to take the boards; he flunked the boards.

Anagrams of BOARDS

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Common Misspellings for BOARDS

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Usage Examples for BOARDS

  1. It is not self- supporting and can only be kept in position by boards, both above and below. - "Natural and Artificial Duck Culture" by James Rankin
  2. And he did what he could that night to loosen the boards himself. - "Sidonia The Sorceress V1" by William Mienhold

Conjugate verb Boards


I would board
we would board
you would board
he/she/it would board
they would board


I will board
we will board
you will board
he/she/it will board
they will board


I will have boarded
we will have boarded
you will have boarded
he/she/it will have boarded
they will have boarded


I boarded
we boarded
you boarded
he/she/it boarded
they boarded


I had boarded
we had boarded
you had boarded
he/she/it had boarded
they had boarded


I board
we board
you board
he/she/it boards
they board


I have boarded
we have boarded
you have boarded
he/she/it has boarded
they have boarded
I am boarding
we are boarding
you are boarding
he/she/it is boarding
they are boarding
I was boarding
we were boarding
you were boarding
he/she/it was boarding
they were boarding
I will be boarding
we will be boarding
you will be boarding
he/she/it will be boarding
they will be boarding
I have been boarding
we have been boarding
you have been boarding
he/she/it has been boarding
they have been boarding
I had been boarding
we had been boarding
you had been boarding
he/she/it had been boarding
they had been boarding
I will have been boarding
we will have been boarding
you will have been boarding
he/she/it will have been boarding
they will have been boarding
I would have boarded
we would have boarded
you would have boarded
he/she/it would have boarded
they would have boarded
I would be boarding
we would be boarding
you would be boarding
he/she/it would be boarding
they would be boarding
I would have been boarding
we would have been boarding
you would have been boarding
he/she/it would have been boarding
they would have been boarding