How Do You Spell BODGED?

The word "bodged" is often misspelled as "botched". While both words refer to something that has been done badly, "bodged" specifically means that the job has been done clumsily or in a makeshift manner. The word is pronounced as /bɒdʒd/, with the emphasis on the first syllable. The IPA phonetic transcription shows that the "d" is pronounced as a separate dental consonant after the "j" sound, which can help to distinguish it from the "t" sound in "botched".

Common Misspellings for BODGED

6 words made out of letters BODGED

4 letters

5 letters

Conjugate verb Bodged


I would bodge
we would bodge
you would bodge
he/she/it would bodge
they would bodge


I will bodge
we will bodge
you will bodge
he/she/it will bodge
they will bodge


I will have bodged
we will have bodged
you will have bodged
he/she/it will have bodged
they will have bodged


I bodged
we bodged
you bodged
he/she/it bodged
they bodged


I had bodged
we had bodged
you had bodged
he/she/it had bodged
they had bodged


I bodge
we bodge
you bodge
he/she/it bodges
they bodge


I have bodged
we have bodged
you have bodged
he/she/it has bodged
they have bodged
I am bodging
we are bodging
you are bodging
he/she/it is bodging
they are bodging
I was bodging
we were bodging
you were bodging
he/she/it was bodging
they were bodging
I will be bodging
we will be bodging
you will be bodging
he/she/it will be bodging
they will be bodging
I have been bodging
we have been bodging
you have been bodging
he/she/it has been bodging
they have been bodging
I had been bodging
we had been bodging
you had been bodging
he/she/it had been bodging
they had been bodging
I will have been bodging
we will have been bodging
you will have been bodging
he/she/it will have been bodging
they will have been bodging
I would have bodged
we would have bodged
you would have bodged
he/she/it would have bodged
they would have bodged
I would be bodging
we would be bodging
you would be bodging
he/she/it would be bodging
they would be bodging
I would have been bodging
we would have been bodging
you would have been bodging
he/she/it would have been bodging
they would have been bodging


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