How Do You Spell BORES?

Correct spelling for the English word "bores" is [b_ˈɔː_z], [bˈɔːz], [bˈɔːz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for BORES

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Anagrams of BORES

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Usage Examples for BORES

  1. Heda bores you, doesn't she?" - "'O Thou, My Austria!'" by Ossip Schubin
  2. Saint- Clair soon tried to turn his horse aside into a narrow track, hoping the bore would not follow him; but it was of no use, bores do not leave their prey so easily. - "Abbé Aubain and Mosaics" by Prosper Mérimée

Conjugate verb Bores


I would bore
we would bore
you would bore
he/she/it would bore
they would bore


I will bore
we will bore
you will bore
he/she/it will bore
they will bore


I will have bored
we will have bored
you will have bored
he/she/it will have bored
they will have bored


I bored
we bored
you bored
he/she/it bored
they bored


I had bored
we had bored
you had bored
he/she/it had bored
they had bored


I bore
we bore
you bore
he/she/it bores
they bore


I have bored
we have bored
you have bored
he/she/it has bored
they have bored
I am boring
we are boring
you are boring
he/she/it is boring
they are boring
I was boring
we were boring
you were boring
he/she/it was boring
they were boring
I will be boring
we will be boring
you will be boring
he/she/it will be boring
they will be boring
I have been boring
we have been boring
you have been boring
he/she/it has been boring
they have been boring
I had been boring
we had been boring
you had been boring
he/she/it had been boring
they had been boring
I will have been boring
we will have been boring
you will have been boring
he/she/it will have been boring
they will have been boring
I would have bored
we would have bored
you would have bored
he/she/it would have bored
they would have bored
I would be boring
we would be boring
you would be boring
he/she/it would be boring
they would be boring
I would have been boring
we would have been boring
you would have been boring
he/she/it would have been boring
they would have been boring