How Do You Spell BOSIE?

The word "bosie" is a Scottish variant of the word "hug" or "cuddle". Its pronunciation is /ˈbəʊzi/, with the first syllable sounding like "bow" as in "bow and arrow", and the second syllable sounding like "zee" as in the letter "Z". The spelling may be confusing to those unfamiliar with Scottish dialects, as it deviates from the standard spelling of the English word "hug". Nonetheless, "bosie" remains a well-known and frequently used term among Scottish communities.

Common Misspellings for BOSIE

  • bos h
  • hosie
  • gosie
  • bisie
  • bksie
  • blsie
  • bpsie
  • b0sie
  • b9sie
  • boaie
  • bozie
  • bosue
  • bosje
  • boske
  • bosoe
  • bos9e
  • bos8e
  • bosiw
  • bosid
  • bosir

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