How Do You Spell BOUT?

Correct spelling for the English word "bout" is [b_ˈaʊ_t], [bˈa͡ʊt], [bˈa‍ʊt]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Plural form of BOUT is BOUTS

Anagrams of BOUT

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Usage Examples for BOUT

  1. I- i- it's n- n- noth- th- thing, o- only I h- h- hate t- to s- s- see you s- so b- b- both- thered ab- b- b- bout an- n- nyth- th- thing. - "Concerning Sally" by William John Hopkins
  2. You know, you sure can tell a lot 'bout a man when you give a look at his hoss after he's come off th' trail. - "Rebel Spurs" by Andre Norton
  3. The attachments and suits were but the shadow boxing of the bout; the rough stuff was held in reserve. - "Shadow Mountain" by Dane Coolidge
  4. The drinking- bout, however, is perhaps an ill- natured addition. - "A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature" by John W. Cousin
  5. He had at any rate the fires of indignation to warm him, and the satisfaction of knowing that he had spoken his mind and had not had the worst of the bout. - "Ovington's Bank" by Stanley J. Weyman