How Do You Spell BRANCHES?

Correct spelling for the English word "Branches" is [b_ɹ_ˈa_n_tʃ_ɪ_z], [bɹˈant͡ʃɪz], [bɹˈant‍ʃɪz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for BRANCHES

Below is the list of 38 misspellings for the word "branches".

Similar spelling words for BRANCHES

Definition of BRANCHES

  1. having branches

Anagrams of BRANCHES

8 letters

  • branches.

7 letters

6 letters

Usage Examples for BRANCHES

  1. Nothing but branches left!" - "The Princess of the School" by Angela Brazil
  2. And I sez, " If you go to work to move a tree you don't pull on the top branches. - "Samantha at the World's Fair" by Marietta Holley

Conjugate verb Branches


I would branch
we would branch
you would branch
he/she/it would branch
they would branch


I will branch
we will branch
you will branch
he/she/it will branch
they will branch


I will have branched
we will have branched
you will have branched
he/she/it will have branched
they will have branched


I branched
we branched
you branched
he/she/it branched
they branched


I had branched
we had branched
you had branched
he/she/it had branched
they had branched


I branch
we branch
you branch
he/she/it branches
they branch


I have branched
we have branched
you have branched
he/she/it has branched
they have branched
I am branching
we are branching
you are branching
he/she/it is branching
they are branching
I was branching
we were branching
you were branching
he/she/it was branching
they were branching
I will be branching
we will be branching
you will be branching
he/she/it will be branching
they will be branching
I have been branching
we have been branching
you have been branching
he/she/it has been branching
they have been branching
I had been branching
we had been branching
you had been branching
he/she/it had been branching
they had been branching
I will have been branching
we will have been branching
you will have been branching
he/she/it will have been branching
they will have been branching
I would have branched
we would have branched
you would have branched
he/she/it would have branched
they would have branched
I would be branching
we would be branching
you would be branching
he/she/it would be branching
they would be branching
I would have been branching
we would have been branching
you would have been branching
he/she/it would have been branching
they would have been branching