How Do You Spell BRENNT?

The word "Brennt" is a German verb that means "burns" in English. It is spelled with the letters B-R-E-N-N-T and is pronounced as [bʁɛnt]. The IPA phonetic transcription of the word shows that the /b/ sound is followed by the /ʁ/ sound, which is the German "r" sound. The /ɛ/ sound is short and closed, while the /n/ and /t/ sounds are pronounced separately. The spelling of "Brennt" accurately represents how the word should be pronounced in German.

Common Misspellings for BRENNT

  • brrent
  • Bryent
  • bernnt
  • Brient
  • vrennt
  • nrennt
  • hrennt
  • grennt
  • bfennt
  • btennt
  • b5ennt
  • brdnnt
  • brrnnt
  • br4nnt
  • br3nnt
  • brennf
  • brenn6
  • brenn5
  • vbrennt
  • bvrennt

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