How Do You Spell BUCKS?

Correct spelling for the English word "bucks" is [b_ˈʌ_k_s], [bˈʌks], [bˈʌks]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for BUCKS

Below is the list of 234 misspellings for the word "bucks".

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Anagrams of BUCKS

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Usage Examples for BUCKS

  1. Most of the warriors, including all of the young bucks, demanded a torture entertainment as compensation for their exertions and the unexpected loss of their own prisoners; for it had been agreed that Beverley belonged exclusively to Long- Hair, who objected to anything which might deprive him of the great reward offered by Hamilton for the prisoner if brought to him alive. - "Alice of Old Vincennes" by Maurice Thompson
  2. Half an hour later, and Hagar Warren, coming through the garden gate, looked after the carriage which bore the gentlemen to the depot, muttering to herself: " I'm glad the high bucks have gone. - "Maggie Miller" by Mary J. Holmes

Conjugate verb Bucks


I would buck
we would buck
you would buck
he/she/it would buck
they would buck


I will buck
we will buck
you will buck
he/she/it will buck
they will buck


I will have bucked
we will have bucked
you will have bucked
he/she/it will have bucked
they will have bucked


I bucked
we bucked
you bucked
he/she/it bucked
they bucked


I had bucked
we had bucked
you had bucked
he/she/it had bucked
they had bucked


I buck
we buck
you buck
he/she/it bucks
they buck


I have bucked
we have bucked
you have bucked
he/she/it has bucked
they have bucked
I am bucking
we are bucking
you are bucking
he/she/it is bucking
they are bucking
I was bucking
we were bucking
you were bucking
he/she/it was bucking
they were bucking
I will be bucking
we will be bucking
you will be bucking
he/she/it will be bucking
they will be bucking
I have been bucking
we have been bucking
you have been bucking
he/she/it has been bucking
they have been bucking
I had been bucking
we had been bucking
you had been bucking
he/she/it had been bucking
they had been bucking
I will have been bucking
we will have been bucking
you will have been bucking
he/she/it will have been bucking
they will have been bucking
I would have bucked
we would have bucked
you would have bucked
he/she/it would have bucked
they would have bucked
I would be bucking
we would be bucking
you would be bucking
he/she/it would be bucking
they would be bucking
I would have been bucking
we would have been bucking
you would have been bucking
he/she/it would have been bucking
they would have been bucking