How Do You Spell BUGS?

Correct spelling for the English word "bugs" is [b_ˈʌ_ɡ_z], [bˈʌɡz], [bˈʌɡz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for BUGS

Below is the list of 138 misspellings for the word "bugs".

Similar spelling words for BUGS

Anagrams of BUGS

3 letters

2 letters

Usage Examples for BUGS

  1. He is one of your own sulky English bugs. - "Anna St. Ives" by Thomas Holcroft
  2. I should choose the bugs; and I can't say I fancy potato- bugs, either. - "The Blunders of a Bashful Man" by Metta Victoria Fuller Victor

What does bugs stand for?

Abbreviation BUGS means:

  1. Basket of Unhedged Gold Stocks
  2. Basket of Un-hedged Gold Stocks

Conjugate verb Bugs


I would bug
we would bug
you would bug
he/she/it would bug
they would bug


I will bug
we will bug
you will bug
he/she/it will bug
they will bug


I will have bugged
we will have bugged
you will have bugged
he/she/it will have bugged
they will have bugged


I bugged
we bugged
you bugged
he/she/it bugged
they bugged


I had bugged
we had bugged
you had bugged
he/she/it had bugged
they had bugged


I bug
we bug
you bug
he/she/it bugs
they bug


I have bugged
we have bugged
you have bugged
he/she/it has bugged
they have bugged
I am bugging
we are bugging
you are bugging
he/she/it is bugging
they are bugging
I was bugging
we were bugging
you were bugging
he/she/it was bugging
they were bugging
I will be bugging
we will be bugging
you will be bugging
he/she/it will be bugging
they will be bugging
I have been bugging
we have been bugging
you have been bugging
he/she/it has been bugging
they have been bugging
I had been bugging
we had been bugging
you had been bugging
he/she/it had been bugging
they had been bugging
I will have been bugging
we will have been bugging
you will have been bugging
he/she/it will have been bugging
they will have been bugging
I would have bugged
we would have bugged
you would have bugged
he/she/it would have bugged
they would have bugged
I would be bugging
we would be bugging
you would be bugging
he/she/it would be bugging
they would be bugging
I would have been bugging
we would have been bugging
you would have been bugging
he/she/it would have been bugging
they would have been bugging