How Do You Spell BUTCHERS?

Correct spelling for the English word "butchers" is [bˈʊt͡ʃəz], [bˈʊt‍ʃəz], [b_ˈʊ_tʃ_ə_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for BUTCHERS

Below is the list of 200 misspellings for the word "butchers".

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Anagrams of BUTCHERS

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Usage Examples for BUTCHERS

  1. Now when the folk found what a simple butcher he was, they crowded around his cart; for he really did sell three times as much for one penny as was sold by the other butchers. - "Robin Hood" by J. Walker McSpadden
  2. " Truly, Guy, you have given a lesson to the butchers that they sorely needed. - "At Agincourt" by G. A. Henty

Conjugate verb Butchers


I would butcher
we would butcher
you would butcher
he/she/it would butcher
they would butcher


I will butcher
we will butcher
you will butcher
he/she/it will butcher
they will butcher


I will have butchered
we will have butchered
you will have butchered
he/she/it will have butchered
they will have butchered


I butchered
we butchered
you butchered
he/she/it butchered
they butchered


I had butchered
we had butchered
you had butchered
he/she/it had butchered
they had butchered


I butcher
we butcher
you butcher
he/she/it butchers
they butcher


I have butchered
we have butchered
you have butchered
he/she/it has butchered
they have butchered
I am butchering
we are butchering
you are butchering
he/she/it is butchering
they are butchering
I was butchering
we were butchering
you were butchering
he/she/it was butchering
they were butchering
I will be butchering
we will be butchering
you will be butchering
he/she/it will be butchering
they will be butchering
I have been butchering
we have been butchering
you have been butchering
he/she/it has been butchering
they have been butchering
I had been butchering
we had been butchering
you had been butchering
he/she/it had been butchering
they had been butchering
I will have been butchering
we will have been butchering
you will have been butchering
he/she/it will have been butchering
they will have been butchering
I would have butchered
we would have butchered
you would have butchered
he/she/it would have butchered
they would have butchered
I would be butchering
we would be butchering
you would be butchering
he/she/it would be butchering
they would be butchering
I would have been butchering
we would have been butchering
you would have been butchering
he/she/it would have been butchering
they would have been butchering