How Do You Spell C'EST LA VIE?

"C'est la vie" is a common French phrase that translates to "that's life" or "such is life." The spelling may appear confusing to those unfamiliar with French pronunciation. In IPA phonetic transcription, it is pronounced /se la vi/ with the "e" being pronounced like "uh." The apostrophe indicates that the "e" is elided or dropped in spoken French. This phrase is often used to express acceptance of a situation that cannot be changed or controlled.

Common Misspellings for C'EST LA VIE

  • x'est la vie
  • v'est la vie
  • f'est la vie
  • d'est la vie
  • c'wst la vie
  • c'sst la vie
  • c'dst la vie
  • c'rst la vie
  • c'4st la vie
  • c'3st la vie
  • c'eat la vie
  • c'ezt la vie
  • c'ext la vie
  • c'edt la vie
  • c'eet la vie
  • c'ewt la vie
  • c'esr la vie
  • c'esf la vie
  • c'esg la vie

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