How Do You Spell C'S?

The spelling of the word "c's" can be a bit tricky to decode. The apostrophe after the "c" indicates that there are one or more letters missing in the word. In this case, the missing letters are "ee." Therefore, the correct spelling of the word is "cees." The phonetic transcription of "cees" is /siːz/, with the "s" sound represented by the letter "s" and the long "ee" sound represented by the two letters "ee." It's important to pay attention to apostrophes and other symbols in English spelling to decode words correctly.

Common Misspellings for C'S

  • ces
  • cs
  • v's
  • c'a
  • c'z
  • c'x
  • c'd
  • c'e
  • c'w
  • xc's
  • cx's
  • c'as
  • c'sa
  • c'zs
  • c'sz
  • c'xs
  • c'sx
  • c'ds
  • c'sd
  • c'es


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