How Do You Spell C-130?

Pronunciation: [sˈiː wˈɒnhˈʌndɹədən θˈɜːti] (IPA)

The correct spelling of the military transport aircraft "C-130" is "siː- wʌn -θriː- zɪərəʊ". The C in C-130 stands for "cargo" and the number 130 refers to the aircraft's wing span of 130 feet. In the International Phonetic Alphabet, the pronunciation is written as "siː" for the letter C, "wʌn" for the number 1, "θriː" for the number 3, and "zɪərəʊ" for the number 0. The C-130 is a formidable aircraft with a long and distinguished service record in various military operations worldwide.

C-130 Meaning and Definition

The C-130 is a versatile and widely used military transport aircraft. With a history dating back to the 1950s, it has become one of the most recognizable and iconic aircraft in the world. Designated as a tactical airlifter, it is primarily employed by military forces around the globe for various missions, including troop and cargo transportation, aerial refueling, search and rescue operations, and even firefighting.

The C-130 is a four-engine turboprop aircraft, providing it with excellent short takeoff and landing capabilities. Its rugged design and durable construction enable it to operate from unimproved runways, making it particularly vital for military operations in remote, austere environments. Its ability to deliver troops and supplies to challenging terrains, such as rough dirt or snow-covered airstrips, has made it an indispensable asset in numerous military operations.

Developed by the American aerospace manufacturer Lockheed Martin, C-130 variants have been adapted to cater to various specific requirements. Notable versions include the AC-130 gunship, an armed ground-attack aircraft, and the EC-130, an airborne command post equipped for electronic warfare and communication missions.

Overall, the C-130 has proven to be an exceptional military transport aircraft, renowned for its reliability, range, and ability to operate in demanding conditions. Its long and distinguished service history has made it an integral part of military logistics and humanitarian efforts worldwide, embodying the very essence of dependability and versatility.

Common Misspellings for C-130

  • c-130p
  • c-13-0
  • c130
  • c1-30
  • c-310
  • c-103
  • c--130
  • c-1130
  • c-1330
  • c-1300
  • s-130
  • Cm130
  • C-930
  • C-530
  • C-330
  • C-030
  • C-1s0
  • C-170
  • C-110
  • c-1 30

Etymology of C-130

The etymology of the word "C-130" is relatively straightforward, as it is a military aircraft designation rather than a word with a complex origin.

The "C" in "C-130" stands for "Cargo". It is part of a standardized United States Department of Defense designation system for aircraft, where "C" represents cargo transportation.

The number "130" refers to the model number. The first digit, "1", indicates it is part of the first series of cargo aircraft developed by the manufacturer, in this case, Lockheed. The following numbers, "30", specifically represent the 30th aircraft design within that series.


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