How Do You Spell C.O.D.?

The spelling of the word "c.o.d." is a common abbreviation for "cash on delivery," and it is spelled using three separate letters. The letter "c" is pronounced as /si/ in IPA phonetic transcription, the letter "o" is pronounced as /oʊ/, and the letter "d" is pronounced as /di/. When put together, the full word is pronounced as /kæʃ.ɑn.dəˈlɪvəri/. "C.o.d." is often used in shipping and retail transactions, where payment is made upon delivery of the goods.

Common Misspellings for C.O.D.

  • x.o.d.
  • v.o.d.
  • f.o.d.
  • d.o.d.
  • c.i.d.
  • c.k.d.
  • c.l.d.
  • c.p.d.
  • c.0.d.
  • c.9.d.
  • c.o.s.
  • c.o.x.
  • c.o.c.
  • c.o.f.
  • c.o.r.
  • c.o.e.
  • xc.o.d.
  • cx.o.d.
  • vc.o.d.
  • cv.o.d.

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Plural form of C.O.D. is C O D S

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