Carduus marianus, also known as milk thistle, is a plant species native to the Mediterranean region. The spelling of this word utilizes the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to accurately represent the sounds of each letter. The pronunciation is kɑːrˈduːs məˈraɪənəs. The "c" is pronounced like a "k," while the "u" is silent. The "i" following the "c" has a long "e" sound. The "a" in "marius" is pronounced like an "ai," and the final "s" in "marianus" is pronounced as a soft "z."

Common Misspellings for CARDUUS MARIANUS

  • xarduus marianus
  • varduus marianus
  • farduus marianus
  • darduus marianus
  • czrduus marianus
  • csrduus marianus
  • cwrduus marianus
  • cqrduus marianus
  • caeduus marianus
  • cadduus marianus
  • cafduus marianus
  • catduus marianus
  • ca5duus marianus
  • ca4duus marianus
  • carsuus marianus
  • carxuus marianus
  • carcuus marianus
  • carfuus marianus
  • carruus marianus
  • careuus marianus

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