How Do You Spell CARDY?

The spelling of the word "cardy" is not entirely clear as it can refer to a type of cardigan or a Scottish dialect word for a thistle. In the case of the former, it is pronounced /ˈkɑːrdi/ (kar-dee), with the "ar" sound being emphasized. For the latter, it is pronounced /'kɑːrdi/ (kar-dee), with the emphasis on the first syllable. The correct spelling and pronunciation of "cardy" depend on the context in which it is used.

Common Misspellings for CARDY

  • cardi
  • cardie
  • caddy
  • Cardey
  • xardy
  • vardy
  • fardy
  • dardy
  • czrdy
  • csrdy
  • cwrdy
  • cqrdy
  • caedy
  • caddy
  • cafdy
  • catdy
  • ca5dy
  • ca4dy
  • carsy
  • carxy

Plural form of CARDY is CARDIES

15 words made out of letters CARDY

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