How Do You Spell CARE A HANG?

The phrase "care a hang" is typically spelled as it is pronounced, with the "r" omitted in the word "care" and the "g" omitted in "hang." The IPA phonetic transcription for this phrase is /kɛər ə hæŋ/, where "k" represents the "c" sound, "ɛər" represents the "air" diphthong in "care," and "hæŋ" represents the "hang" sound. This colloquial expression is often used to indicate that someone is indifferent or unconcerned about a particular matter.

Common Misspellings for CARE A HANG

  • xare a hang
  • vare a hang
  • fare a hang
  • czre a hang
  • csre a hang
  • cwre a hang
  • cqre a hang
  • caee a hang
  • cade a hang
  • cafe a hang
  • cate a hang
  • ca5e a hang
  • ca4e a hang
  • carw a hang
  • cars a hang
  • card a hang
  • carr a hang
  • car4 a hang

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