How Do You Spell CATERS?

Correct spelling for the English word "caters" is [kˈe͡ɪtəz], [kˈe‍ɪtəz], [k_ˈeɪ_t_ə_z] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for CATERS

Below is the list of 202 misspellings for the word "caters".

Similar spelling words for CATERS

72 words made out of letters CATERS

4 letters

  • cast,
  • east,
  • cats,
  • erst,
  • ares,
  • arse,
  • cres,
  • cars,
  • star,
  • acts,
  • eats,
  • sear,
  • sect,
  • acre,
  • scar,
  • teas,
  • tear,
  • eras,
  • sera,
  • race,
  • arts,
  • rase,
  • arcs,
  • case,
  • aces,
  • rest,
  • cert,
  • rets,
  • scat,
  • tsar,
  • sate,
  • rats,
  • seta,
  • tare,
  • acer,
  • etas,
  • cart,
  • rate,
  • tera,
  • tars,
  • seat,
  • scet,
  • care,
  • ears.

5 letters

  • caste,
  • aster,
  • cares,
  • scare,
  • tares,
  • cater,
  • resat,
  • rates,
  • carts,
  • recta,
  • carte,
  • tears,
  • ceras,
  • caret,
  • stare,
  • crest,
  • races,
  • react,
  • acres,
  • crate,
  • trace,
  • teras.

6 letters

  • caster,
  • reacts,
  • recast,
  • carets,
  • traces,
  • crates.

Conjugate verb Caters


I would cater
we would cater
you would cater
he/she/it would cater
they would cater


I will cater
we will cater
you will cater
he/she/it will cater
they will cater


I will have catered
we will have catered
you will have catered
he/she/it will have catered
they will have catered


I catered
we catered
you catered
he/she/it catered
they catered


I had catered
we had catered
you had catered
he/she/it had catered
they had catered


I cater
we cater
you cater
he/she/it caters
they cater


I have catered
we have catered
you have catered
he/she/it has catered
they have catered
I am catering
we are catering
you are catering
he/she/it is catering
they are catering
I was catering
we were catering
you were catering
he/she/it was catering
they were catering
I will be catering
we will be catering
you will be catering
he/she/it will be catering
they will be catering
I have been catering
we have been catering
you have been catering
he/she/it has been catering
they have been catering
I had been catering
we had been catering
you had been catering
he/she/it had been catering
they had been catering
I will have been catering
we will have been catering
you will have been catering
he/she/it will have been catering
they will have been catering
I would have catered
we would have catered
you would have catered
he/she/it would have catered
they would have catered
I would be catering
we would be catering
you would be catering
he/she/it would be catering
they would be catering
I would have been catering
we would have been catering
you would have been catering
he/she/it would have been catering
they would have been catering


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