How Do You Spell CAVORTS?

Correct spelling for the English word "cavorts" is [kɐvˈɔːts], [kɐvˈɔːts], [k_ɐ_v_ˈɔː_t_s] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for CAVORTS

Below is the list of 32 misspellings for the word "cavorts".

Similar spelling words for CAVORTS

21 words made out of letters CAVORTS

5 letters

  • costa,
  • taros,
  • coats,
  • tacos,
  • carts,
  • savor,
  • roast,
  • oscar,
  • rotas,
  • ascot,
  • toras,
  • coast,
  • actor,
  • astor,
  • croat.

6 letters

  • cavort,
  • actors,
  • scrota,
  • castro,
  • castor,
  • costar.

Conjugate verb Cavorts


I would cavort
we would cavort
you would cavort
he/she/it would cavort
they would cavort


I will cavort
we will cavort
you will cavort
he/she/it will cavort
they will cavort


I will have cavorted
we will have cavorted
you will have cavorted
he/she/it will have cavorted
they will have cavorted


I cavorted
we cavorted
you cavorted
he/she/it cavorted
they cavorted


I had cavorted
we had cavorted
you had cavorted
he/she/it had cavorted
they had cavorted


I cavort
we cavort
you cavort
he/she/it cavorts
they cavort


I have cavorted
we have cavorted
you have cavorted
he/she/it has cavorted
they have cavorted
I am cavorting
we are cavorting
you are cavorting
he/she/it is cavorting
they are cavorting
I was cavorting
we were cavorting
you were cavorting
he/she/it was cavorting
they were cavorting
I will be cavorting
we will be cavorting
you will be cavorting
he/she/it will be cavorting
they will be cavorting
I have been cavorting
we have been cavorting
you have been cavorting
he/she/it has been cavorting
they have been cavorting
I had been cavorting
we had been cavorting
you had been cavorting
he/she/it had been cavorting
they had been cavorting
I will have been cavorting
we will have been cavorting
you will have been cavorting
he/she/it will have been cavorting
they will have been cavorting
I would have cavorted
we would have cavorted
you would have cavorted
he/she/it would have cavorted
they would have cavorted
I would be cavorting
we would be cavorting
you would be cavorting
he/she/it would be cavorting
they would be cavorting
I would have been cavorting
we would have been cavorting
you would have been cavorting
he/she/it would have been cavorting
they would have been cavorting


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