How Do You Spell CAVY?

Cavy is a term used to refer to small, domesticated rodents, also known as guinea pigs. The spelling of the word "cavy" is phonetically transcribed as /ˈkeɪvi/. The use of IPA phonetic transcription shows that the word is pronounced with a long A sound, followed by a V sound, and ending with a long E sound. This spelling is essential in distinguishing the word from other similarly pronounced words, such as "cavey" or "cavvy." Overall, the correct spelling and pronunciation of "cavy" ensures precise communication in both written and verbal contexts.

Common Misspellings for CAVY

  • cvy
  • acvy
  • cvay
  • cayv
  • ccavy
  • caavy
  • cavvy
  • cavyy
  • kavy
  • gavy
  • aavy
  • civy
  • ccvy
  • ca6y
  • cav9
  • cavq
  • cavx
  • c avy
  • ca vy
  • cav y

Similar spelling words for CAVY

Plural form of CAVY is CAVIES

11 words made out of letters CAVY

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